In a manner of speaking, in a manner of speaking.  You see, it wasn’t that I nearly shot a double eagle on a single hole, when I played last Sunday (say, you score a 2 on a par 5 as Louis Oosthuizen did at the Masters), but rather that I nearly shot eagles on two consecutive holes … in a manner of speaking, that is.

First, on a par 5, 460 yards, I hit my drive and fairway wood as well as I can hit those shots, and finished after two strokes about 40 feet from the hole.  I just missed the putt, and so I just missed shooting an eagle. (I did sink the short putt for a birdie”  I’ll take the genus anytime if not the species.)

Next, on a par 3, about 150 yards, I pulled my tee shot horribly to the left, towards the trees.  The ball sailed through the top most branches of an old, dead, gnarled tree, and, immediately as it passed through, a very large bird took flight, which evidently had been perched in those branches.  My playing partner and I could see clearly from its pure white tail feathers that the bird was a bald eagle.  And so I nearly shot an eagle on that hole also!

Update: I think someone notified the Federal agencies which oversee the Endangered Species Act, since yesterday officers were observed swarming over the area, crying out angrily, “Crucify him! Crucify him!”