During the annular eclipse which I observed today in Springdale, UT.

The circles are from light refracted through as it were pinholes of light in the tree’s leaves.  From the shadow it might look as if the tree is a fir tree, but it is a leafy tree; the shadows of the edges of the leaves were affected also by the sun’s strange light.   To “see it” better as a shadow, look to the lower left, where you can see the shadow of a fence as well.

Here is how the eclipse itself looked via my crudely devised pinhole camera, just at the time that the shadow picture was taken.  You can see that the eclipse is a little post peak; the moon has moved out from the exact center of the sun.  The circles in the tree shadow are much larger, because the distance between the tree and the wall on which the shadow fell was much greater than that between the pinhole that I made and the paper onto which I projected the sun’s image.

And here is how that tree looks today, directly and in broad daylight.  It was the shadow of the top of the tree only that fell on the wall, and of course you have to imagine the shadow as the reverse of the tree.