Housebound by a tropical storm that went bust, and having nothing else to do, I guess it’s time to resume blogging, which I’ve resented because I hate the surrendering of my privacy which that implies.  (But it seems not the privacy so much as the surrendering of it, the transition, which grates.  Once I start blogging again, I don’t seem to mind it much more than speaking with others.)

I will sum up my summer with three photos (which are so lovely, that you really should click on them and seem then in full size).  First, a picture from the Vatican, where  I stayed for the annual meeting in June of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas.

St. Peter’s dome from the Vatican Gardens.

Second, a picture of my son Gregory on Mt. Washington, which we climbed when vacationing in July in the White Mountains.

To the Lion Head trail down Mt. Washington

Third, a picture at sunrise of surf fishing with my children when back in Florida, in August.  Ah the beauty of that!   But now the summer is past, et ou sont les plages d’antan?

Like a new creation: sunrise on the beach at Naples.