John Haldane (St. Andrews) will give a lecture next Wednesday, Feb 19, at 7pm, in Demetree Auditorium, on the topic, “Pillars and Foundations of Western Society.”  The lecture is meant to be a reply to Robert George’s idea of “five pillars of a decent and dynamic society.”   Those interested in George’s idea might consult a video of his own lecture on that subject here.  (Or if, like me, you can speed read, and would rather read a text in 3 minutes than watch a lecture for 50 minutes, you may find that here.  It turns out there are three pillars of a “decent” society and two more for a “dynamic” society.)  Haldane wishes to insist that Western Society needs “foundations” as well as “pillars.”  (But did I tell you that I was working on a reply to the both of them called “The Pillars, Foundations, and Grounding of Western Society”? –which will definitely be the last in this series, because, after that, it’s turtles all the way down.)

The following day Haldane will lead a colloquium for the Philosophy Department on the topic, “Problems for Virtue Theory.”

A pictorial representation of Haldane’s life and career, and a list of his many honors, publications, and accomplishments, may be found on his university website here.  Besides being an eminent philosopher, Haldane is one of the leading Catholic “public intellectuals” in the UK.