“How lucky for you that we are having this brilliant weather!” they said in Edinburgh and Oxford, in reply to which I tried to explain that it was equivalent to our coldest day of the winter.  I’ve spent the days since we returned warming up.

I read a paper on Aristotle’s relationship to the American Founding, and my wife, Catherine, an economist, gave a talk on the Old Palace on some interesting recent developments in social science.

Besides finding a copy of Ronald Knox’s Let Dons Delight, so hard to find, in a second-hand bookstore, the great souvenir of the trip was this picture which our host took of my wife on a walk in some meadows near Christ Church:

Oxford 3

In Scotland visiting friends we had a chance to go hill walking in Glen Nevis and saw some extraordinary winter highland colors (the picture is not touched up; if anything the actual colors were more vivid and startling):

Sheep by Road