Boston Pilot, present-October 2006

Why Complicate Something Simple? (December 2013)

R.I.P. (November 2013)

Thoughts on the Pope’s Interviews (October 2013)

Examination of Conscience for the Year of Faith (September 2013)

I Was Blind but Now I See: The Light of Faith (August 2013)

Promiscuity Requires Abortion (July 2013)

Bungee Jumping for the Soul (June 2013)

How Others View the Gosnell Trial (May 2013)

Happiness in Disguise (April 2013)

The Pope Knows What He is About (March 2013)

Roe v. Wade Forty Years Later (February 2013)

Will Universities Become Obsolete? (January 2013)

A Dialogue on the End Times (December 2012)

Observations on the Election (November 2012)

Keeping Your Faith in College (October 2012)

Your Fair Share of Taxes (September 2012)

The Philosophy of Obamacare (August 2012)

Mormon Theology and Politics (June 2012)

Thomism and Friday Fish (May 2012)

April Fools (April 2012)

The HHS Mandate in Historical Perspective (February 2012)

College Quandary (January 2012)

The Advent List (December 2011)

A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste (November 2011)

Desperately Needed Wisdom (October 2011)

Mysteries of a Happy Marriage (September 2011)

The Logic of the Gift (July 2011)

What Every Well Educated Catholic Should Know (June 2011)

A Pilgrim’s Journal (May 2011)

The Law of the Gospel (April 2011)

Pornography, A Plague against Moral Health (March 2011)

The Banality of Infanticide (February 2011)

The Single Most Important New Year’s Resolution (January 2011)

The Trouble about Christmas (December 2010)

Thoughts on Purgatory (November 2010)

Savior of God? (October 2010)

Newman’s Idea of a University (September 2010)

Imposing Values (August 2010)

Children in the Custody of Same-Sex Couples in Parochial Schools (June 2010)

Tiger Morality Tale (May 2010)

Natural Perception (April 2010)

The Vocation of a Chicken (February 2010)

Resolve Not to Diet (January 2010)

A Second Spring for Catholic Education (March 2010)

Christmas Exceptionalism (December 2009)

What Earlier Christians Knew Well (November 2009)

Relativism (October 2009)

Elmbrook Appreciated (September 2009)

Hope and Greed (August 2009)

Summer Reading (July 2009)

Dialoguing over Abortion (June 2009)

A Forgotten Argument about Contraception (May 2009)

Pleased to Meet You, Father Jane (April 2009)

How to Pull Up Sin by Its Roots (March 2009)

Witness (January 2009)

The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor (December 2008)

If Your Child Asks for Bread, Will You Give Him a Stone? (November 2008)

Changes You Should Believe In (October 2008)

Single-Issue Voting (September 2008)

A Love Worth Imitating (August 2008)

Sticktoitiveness (June 2008)

“Unless the Lord Builds the House … “ (May 2008)

A Millstone Around the Neck of “Academic Freedom” (April 2008)

WFB RIP (March 2008)

Existing in Embryo (December 2007)

Making A Necessity of Virtue (November 2007)

Who Won the American Civil War? (October 2007)

Suffer the Little Children (September 2007)

Virginia is for Lovers (August 2007)

Surprise! You are Now a Bigot (June 2007)

A Movie of the Bible (May 2007)

Should I Homeschool? (April 2007)

Make Dead (March 2007)

The Case for Large Families (February 2007)

Saddam Hussein’s Execution: Tragedy or Triumph of Justice? (January 2007)

Acts of Faith (December 2006)

The Credo of the Culture of Death (November 2006)

Is it Enough to Love God? (October 2006)

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