Main Interests


I have played the French horn at a high level but now, sad to say, I regard myself as “retired” from it, as I can no longer maintain a strong embouchure.

My horn is a splendid Elkhart Conn 8D.

Among my favorite pieces of classical music are:  Samuel Barber, Violin Concerto and Overture to the School for Scandal; Shostakovich, E Minor Trio; Brahms, B Major Trio; Bruckner, Symphonies Nos. 7, 8 and 9; Howard Hanson, Symphony No. 2; and Prokofiev, Symphony No. 5.

My favorite orchestral horn players are Myron Bloom, Philip Myers, John Cerminaro, and Stefan Dohr of Berlin.  For solo horn playing I hardly enjoy listening to anyone except Dennis Brain and Mason Jones.

My teachers were Hugh Cowden (requiescat in pace), formerly of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a freelance musician in NY when I studied with him, and, later in Boston, Harry Shapiro of the BSO.

Cowden, Hugh Alan(England 1915-1988) horn (also Boston Symphony 1945-1947, Chicago Symphony Brass Ensemble with Adolph Herseth trumpet, Renold Schilketrumpet, Hugh Cowden horn, Frank Crisafulli trombone, Arnold Jacobs tuba. Cowden also played in the Symphony of the Air’s Far East tour in May and June, 1955. Cowden was a freelance horn in New York City in the 1960s)While a Broadway musician, played My Fair Lady 1956-1963 1951-1954
Shapiro, Harry(Massachusetts 1914- ) Second horn 1937-1944, 1945-1975 personnel manager (during World War 2, played in the Army Air Corps Band, Virginia)Studied at the Juilliard School and the New England Conservatory. Harry Shapiro, as BSO personnel manager, knowing most Boston area orchestra musicians, selected the musicians for Sarah Caldwell’s Boston Opera Group. 1975-1992. He also taught at Boston University. 1937-1944, 1945-1975


I practice golf on a daily basis and have now developed an interest in club making. I play Taylormade TPF blades from 1984-6 (which I built myself from separate components), because of their beauty, balance, accuracy, and sweetness when well struck:

My Taylormade TPF Blades

My Taylormade TPF Blades


For years each summer my family hiked in the White Mountains near the Presidentials, and I know those trails like the proverbial back of my hand.   My favorite trail is Huntington Ravine trail up Mount Washington. (See image above.)  But besides many hikes on the Long Trail in Vermont and the Appalachian Trail in many states, I have also hiked in the Austrian Alps, the Canadian Rockies, and in Mexico.