Accounting Ethics … and the Near Collapse of the World’s Financial System

Accounting Ethics ... and the Near Collapse of the World's Financial System (Allen David Press, 2011)

“Every entry-level or experienced accountant or auditor performing professional services, whether in public practice, industry, or academia, should read this book.”

Vincent J. Love, CPA Journal, November 2011

“If you are familiar with Understanding Accounting Ethics, either the second edition or the original, also written by Pakaluk and Cheffers, you will immediately see the same passion for ethics evident in their latest book. Smart accountants will make it an essential part of their personal business bookshelf, while the smartest accountants will actually take it off the shelf and read its chapters periodically.”

Jonathan Hamilton, Accounting News Report

“If you never could have imagined a textbook in accounting that through large sections reads like a detective novel, well, one has been created … The clear expositions and well-argued principles set forth in this suspenseful book give intellectual grounding to a profession that utterly relies on courageous honesty and integrity. “

Michael Novak, Ambassador, Templeton Prize winner and author of The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism